Learn Rock Rescue!

You’re five pitches up and unexpected thunderclouds roll in, or worse yet your partner gets injured.  Have you ever wondered what you’d do in these situations?

ACMG guides provide instruction to quickly and safely handle many rescue situations. The skills you learn are the foundation for a future of safe climbing.

Would you backcountry ski with a partner that does not know how to conduct a transceiver search? Why do we accept lower standards in rock climbing? Don't delay your personal safety!



Courses are in Squamish from 8am - 4pm. Meet your Guide at Climb On in downtown Squamish at 8am. Please come 15 minutes early if you need to rent shoes or shop at Climb On. Your guide will go over the waiver and get you to sign it then check equipment before moving to the crag. Plan to be back at the cars by 4pm.  

8am - 4pm



Experience lead climbing (sport or trad) and comfortable on 5.6 minimum.

phone 778-874-7386 or


  • Decision making: committing to a rescue, going for help, emergency plans, communication, who can help?
  • Accidents review: learning from past experiences, reading accident reports
  • What goes in your pack? First aid kits, cell phones, knife, headlamp, etc
  • How to deal with an emergency: CPR on a vertical wall? What goes in a climbers first aid kit?
  • Bailing kit: extra cord, webbing, maillons, leaving gear? How do I bail? Planning descent options.
  • Escaping an autolock belay:
    • Ratcheting
    • Back-ups
    • Load transfers with prusik
    • Tying off the belay
  • Raising systems: 3:1 hauling with a prusik, 5:1 hauling 
  • Lowering systems: Munter hitch, redirected ATC
  • Rappelled the wrong way. Rope stuck. Now what? Double rope ascending using prusiks
  • Multi-pitch rappel review
  • Hurt partner on an alpine rock route? Learn how to tandem rappel

Note: Goals are flexible and can be tailored for groups.



1:6 (minimum 3)

guide : participants

Note: additional cost under minimums. Please enquire.



$119.00 +GST (1 day)


Note: Contact VMG for other dates or large groups. We can teach groups up to 12!



(CLICK above)

  • Harness,
  • Helmet (climbing) 
  • Belay device (ATC Guide)
  • Chalk bag
  • Approach shoes 
  • 5 locking carabiners (pear shape)
  • 2 x Double length sling (120cm)
  • 2 x Cordelette (5m x 7mm cord)
  • 1 x 19" Sterling Hollow Block

Note: VMG will supply equipment you do not have.



Rock climb with safety and confidence!

Learn rock rescue with professional ACMG Guides. Having skills to conduct a self-rescue while rock climbing in a vertical environment is essential for all multi-pitch leaders.