Skaha has a reputation for having great sport climbing from 5.7 - 5.13. With over 50 crags, there is an abundance of moderate routes. Despite Skaha's reputation for amazing sport climbing, there are excellent trad lines speckled through the bluffs too. This allows you to get the most from your guided trip; combine some trad climbing and skills development with sport climbing and challenging your limits. The rock is gneiss and characterized by crisp edges on vertical rock. The season runs from March to November with summers being hot.

Skaha Park is located in the dry Okanagan Valley of BC. With a desert ecosystem, rain is minimal and the scenery is beautiful. This region is not only known for its fantastic sport climbing but also its world class wine, and ability to grow high quality grapes. Vineyards dot the hillsides on adjacent slopes surrounding the climbing area. On a rest day, your guide can take you on a wine tour to the nearby Naramata Bench. Contact us for more information.   


Questions? phone 778-874-7386 or


Accommodation Packages Optional:

Option A: Hotel + Restaurant 5 STAR

  • night at Summerland Resort
  • included 60min massage
  • breakfast (The Bench) & dinner out (Theos Greek)
  • lunch made by your guide in the bluffs

$500/night (single occupancy) 

Option B: Hotel + Restaurant 3 STAR

  • night at Sahara Courtyard Inn
  • breakfast (Tim Hortons) & dinner out (Barley Mill)
  • lunch from grocery store

$250/night (single occupancy)

Option C: Tent Camping + Cook Meals

  • night at Banbury Green (hot showers)
  • breakfast & dinner cooked by your guide

Note: VMG can rent you camping gear if required. Please contact us.

$50/night (single occupancy)


  • Can be arranged but not included. Options exist for your guide to drive you, by bus, or by plane.
  • Participants can meet their guide at the accommodation or in the Skaha Bluffs parking lot.  




Top Roping

1:1 Top roping $425

1:2 Top roping $249 each

1:3 Top roping $189 (3+ additional $75/person)

Groups 7+ $99

  • Prerequisite: no experience required. Recommended to know top rope belaying and have 5.9 climbing ability.

Lead Climbing

Rates are daily. Based on your guide leading and putting the rope up for you on the best routes throughout the park. Please contact VMG to discuss your trip ideas.

1:1 Sport climbing $499

1:2 Sport climbing $279

  • Prerequisite: good lead belay experience (preferably with a Grigri). Recommended to have 5.9 climbing ability.



April - November (contact VMG to discuss your dates)


  • climbing shoes 
  • harness
  • helmet (climbing)
  • chalk bag
  • belay device (ATC type or Grigri)
  • 2 locking carabiners
  • double length sling (120cm)
  • extra clothing (wind shell, toque, sweater)
  • approach shoes (runners or light hikers)
  • headlamp (extra batteries)
  • 30L backpack

Group Equipment Included: rope, anchors, hardware.
VMG can supply personnel equipment that you do not already own. Please contact us.


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