ACMG Certified 


Why Choose Vancouver Mountain Guides?

  • Courses are quick and easy to progress through: Level 1 > Level 2 > Level 3 > Advanced (rescue, aid, sport). Become a multi-pitch trad climber now!
  • We are a new guiding company building up business and will provide excellent service with extra discounts for consequent courses and trips.
  • Personal and professional guides will teach you new skills and challenge your ability while respecting your limits and maintaining your safety.
  • 28 years of climbing experience from ice, mixed, alpine, rock, and big walling to learn from.
  • ACMG certified guides practice the most recent standards and stay on top of industry changes.
  • Guides are First Aid certified, CPR level C, Wilderness First Responders 80hr course. 
  • "Vancouver is where we live but the mountains are our home."
  • Guiding in Vancouver, Squamish, Penticton, and Alpine regions throughout BC.


Professional Climbing Instruction


Transition from gym to outdoors. Top roping and anchors. 


Level 3 Rock

Learn to trad climb. Focus on trad gear placements.   


Multi-pitch skills, belay transitions, and station management.


Level 2 Rock

Leading on bolts, projecting, and mental aspects of falling.


Rock rescue and advanced ropework. 


Learn to aid climb and introduction to big walling.



Squamish | Vancouver | Penticton | Alpine



VMG offers custom services, like hotel pick-up, and private lessons. Customize a course to learn at your pace and level. Hire a guide for the weekend or the week to take you rock climbing. VMG guides take the planning away so you can enjoy the climbing. Do you have a list of routes you have always dreamed of ticking? Get started.

One reason to choose VMG is because we offer guided rock climbing from Squamish and Vancouver to the biggest alpine rock routes. Whether you have been dreaming of climbing the Grand Wall in Squamish or a remote alpine route like the North East Buttress of Mt. Slesse in the North Cascades, VMG will safely and skillfully get you to the top and back down.  


Sample Specialty Guiding:

"The reason it was so scary was that there was only one climber capable of rescuing us, and that was Layton Kor, and he was in Colorado."    — Yvon Chouinard, on the first ascent of North American Wall.