Panorama Ridge!


view of Black tusk while hiking up panorama ridge.



Meet at the Squamish Adventure Centre at 7am. Waiver will be filled out and signed in the presence of your guide. Please have your water and lunch packed ahead of time since the Adventure Centre does open until 8:30am.

Proceed to the Garibaldi Lake trailhead (Rubble Creek) and begin hiking by 8am. If the hike is proving more difficult than anticipated, a shorter objective can be Garibaldi Lake. 

Please respect the time of your guide. The guide will need to be back in the parking lot by 5pm. Reasonable cut-off times are 2 hours to the first junction with Taylor Meadows (6km) and 4hrs to the Panorama Ridge trail junction in Helm Pass. It is your guides discretion to turn around at any point depending on how difficult the hike proves to be for the guest.

Time: 7am - 5pm
Distance: 30km
Elevation Gain: 1550m



  • Certified ACMG guide


$449 each   1 person
$250 each   2 people
$199 each    3 people
$175 each    4 people
$150 each    5-6 people


Check back for 2018 dates!

Note: Contact us for other dates or large groups.





Excellent physical conditioning. Previous experience on hikes requiring up to 1500m (5000ft) elevation gain with a backpack. Hiking uphill for 4-5 hours. No knee problems. 


  • rain jacket
  • extra warm clothing (synthetic)
  • toque (warm hat)
  • light gloves
  • light hiking boots or trail runners (no sandals or mountaineering boots)
  • cell phone (100% charged)
  • whistle
  • lighter (fire starter)
  • map
  • head lamp (extra batteries)
  • water bottle (minimum 2L)
  • lunch (snacks for your guide)
  • personnel items (ie. bandaids, sunscreen, sun glasses)
  • 30L hiking back pack

Please DO NOT bring extra equipment (ie. guidebooks, GPS, drone, large first aid, 2-way radios, fishing rods)

Note: This is required equipment. Please do not bring extra equipment unless you have your own harness and helmet.