Learn To Lead Climb! 

Lead climbing outdoors is the next progression from top-roping outdoors and lead climbing in the gym. Gym climbing can teach the basics but outdoor climbing involves many new skills including risk assessment, safety, and technique.

This is a 2 day course that gives you the time required to practice and solidify new skills under the watchful eye of your guide. Learning to lead safely on bolts outdoors is the focus of this course. If time permits, you will be introduced to trad gear. Taking this course will prepare you for Level 3 Rock. Receive 20% off if taking more than one course!



Courses are in Squamish from 8am - 4pm. Meet your Guide at Climb On in downtown Squamish at 8am. Please come 15 minutes early if you need to rent shoes or shop at Climb On. Your guide will go over the waiver and get you to sign it then check equipment before moving to the crag. Plan to be back at the cars by 4pm.

8am - 4pm 


Skaha Weekend!

Take your Level 2 Rock course in the sunny Okanagan! Learn to become a proficient lead climber under the safe eye and instruction from your ACMG guide in the Skaha Bluffs. 

For more information and to book your weekend contact us!



Experience setting up top ropes outdoors or  Level 1 Rock and practice. Comfortable top roping 5.6 minimum outdoors.


phone 778-874-7386 or


Day 1

  • Safety systems and protocols, risk management in the outdoors.
  • Route finding, reading topos and guidebooks.
  • Communication and commands.
  • Lead climbing equipment specifics: shoes, ropes, draws, harness, rope bags, packs
  • Equipment strength, # falls on rope, fall factor, fixed gear (bolts).
  • How to lead climb, techniques for lead climbing safely, risk management.
  • Clipping draws into bolts safely, clipping the rope into draws efficiently and safely
  • Belaying a lead climber, where to stand, giving slack, being attentive 
  • Racking up, how to carry gear, bringing the right number of draws. 

Day 2

  • Warm-up routine and route choices.
  • Belaying with different devices. Learning the benefits of a Grigri for sport climbing.
  • Stick clips, how to improvise, pulling the rope leaving the first draw clipped.
  • Different techniques for clipping draws efficiently, the correct way to face gates.
  • Mental aspects of climbing and  falling, falling safely.
  • Cleaning routes, threading the anchor, lowering vs rappelling, overhangs and tramming.
  • Safe rappel technique, extending the rappel, using a back-up, throwing ropes.

Note: Goals are flexible and can be tailored for groups.



(CLICK above)

  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Belay Device (Grigri preferred)
  • Locking Carabiner
  • Chalk bag (extra chalk)
  • Rock Shoes (Climb On rents shoes)
  • 12-16 Quickdraws
  • 9mm-9.8mm x 70m rope
  • Belay Gloves
  • Belay Glasses

VMG can supply equipment. 



$269 +GST (2 days)


Note: Contact VMG for other dates or large groups. We can teach groups up to 12!


Skaha Weekend or Weekdays:

  • choose any 2 days
  • perfect for learning sport climbing
  • perfect for pushing limits 

Contact VMG for custom dates.



1:6 (minimum 3)

guide : participants

Note: additional cost under minimums. Please enquire.



Spend your summer days outside on rock!

Learn to lead climb outdoors with professional ACMG Guides. VMG will safely teach you fundamental skills to lead climb outside on rock!