Learn to Lead Outdoors On Trad!


Level 2 Rock is designed for climbers wanting to learn lead climbing. The focus is learning to lead on trad, placing trad gear, and building anchors. This course builds on skills from Level 1 Rock. Our ACMG guides provide close support, ascending on a separate rope beside you, ensuring your safety, while inspiring your first lead on gear!

We offer it as a 2 day course (no experience) or 1 day intensive (refresher). The 2 day course is perfect for those with maybe some seconding experience but no leading experience. The 1 day course is perfect as a refresher course or for those looking to improve technique and learn efficiencies with a professional guide. Take Level 1, 2, or 3 Rock sequentially and receive 20% off! 



Courses are in Squamish from 8am - 4pm. Meet at 8am at the Squamish Adventure Centre to sign waivers and check equipment. Plan to be back at the cars at 4pm.

8am - 4pm



Seconding gear routes outside and lead climbing indoors or Level 2 Rock. One day intensive is for climbers with trad lead experience and want to solidify skills with a guide.


Day 1

  • Safety systems and protocols, and risk management on lead.
  • Equipment strength, forces encountered leading, fall factors.
  • Place and assess trad gear (cams, nuts)
  • Tricks for cleaning gear, seconding a pitch, and using a nut tool.
  • Safe communication and terminology.
  • Multidirectional 3 and 4 point anchors. IDEALS acronym. Anchors in series and parallel.
  • Strategies for lead climbing and placing gear, protecting the second.
  • Mock leads with top-rope or real leads depending on participants.  

Day 2

  • Focus on solid skills, mock or real lead climb with coaching.
  • Rappelling, prusik back-up, knots in the ends.
  • Tying 2 ropes together, strategies to throw ropes or basket coil.
  • Intro to French free, bolt ladders, and self-rescue.
  • Next steps: discuss self-directed practice and Level 3 Rock (receive 20% off sequential courses/guiding).

Note: Goals are flexible and can be tailored for individuals.



1:4 (minimum 2)

guide : participants



$269 +GST (2 days)
$139 +GST (1 day**)

$25 +GST transportation

Note: Vancouver -> Squamish
Pick-up at Seabus or major transportation terminus in Vancouver.


April 22, 23 - FINISHED

May 20, 21 - FINISHED

June 17, 18 - FINISHED

July 22, 23 - FINISHED

Aug 12, 13 - FINISHED

Sept 9, 10 - FINISHED

Note: Contact us for other dates and larger groups!



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  • Harness,
  • Helmet (climbing) 
  • Belay device
  • Chalk bag
  • Rock shoes (comfortable)
  • 5 locking carabiners (pear shape)
  • 2 x Double length sling (120cm)
  • Cordelette (5m x 7mm cord)
  • 6 x Quickdraws
  • 4 x Alpine Draws (60cm slings)
  • Double Rack (cams + nuts)
  • Rope 9.2-9.8mm x 70m

Note: VMG will supply equipment you do not have.




Learn to lead cracks!

Learn to outdoor lead climb with professional ACMG Guides and instruction. VMG will give you a foundation and the freedom to safely and confidently lead amazing crack climbs this summer!